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What the Heck Happened to Website Apps?

Two years ago, when I walked into most sales meetings, I could almost guarantee I was going to be asked, “Can you build us an app?”

“Why yes I can,“ was always my response.  Yet, most often I followed with…

“But why?”  

Most of my clients had bought into a super-sized hype around web apps, which was circulating the webby world as a must have.  As they watched all of their competitors showing off their shiny new toys, they felt not having one was a sign of inadequacy.
It always struck me as strange how my clients somehow convinced themselves that linking to their Facebook page, showing their latest tweet, or providing directions to their office could justly cost $8,000 or more. Most of my clients didn’t need apps.  Their websites were already doing these things and the odds that anyone besides their coworkers would be downloading these gadgets were slim to none.

But sometimes, good advice from people that know best can be an annoying background noise that is easily drowned out by wishful thinking. So, apps were built, and hearts were broken.  

But what happened to all of these apps and the hysteria behind them?

It didn’t take a ton of time for the organizations to realize the demand was low and the investment was poor, and newer, better alternatives were knocking louder and louder. Mobile web technologies got good, really good, and organizations were immediately interested in an emerging technology called Responsive Web Design.  

Responsive Web Design is a technology that allows organizations to build one website that works on any device and is compatible on any operating system.  It also provides similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.
Today, Responsive Web Design is the best mobile solution for most organizations. Built using HTML and CSS, two standardized website programming languages, Responsive Web Design is a clear winner in a mismatched bout with web apps. Today, DC Web Designers provides the majority of our clients with a Responsive Web Design, allowing them to use a single CMS to publish and manage web content for any device serving up their websites.  

To learn more about Responsive Web Design, call us at 410-740-9181, we are happy to make recommendations or build you a website that makes for a great investment, and will hold a long shelf life.

Click here to visit our webpage on Responsive Web Design benefits and features.

-Mark Cyphers, President of DC Web Designers.


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