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Construction Executive

Project Requirements


Issue Date:               Nov. 15, 2016

Responses Due:    Nov. 28, 2016

Goal for Launch:    April 1



Donna Reichle

Senior Director, Public Affairs

(202) 595-1782



Construction Executive magazine, Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) award-winning publication launched in 2003, reaches more than 50,000 contractors and construction-related business owners, and serves as a leading source for news, market developments and business issues impacting the construction industry. Each issue includes articles designed to help owners and top managers run a more profitable and productive construction business, covering hot-button issues such as workforce development, insurance, estimating, project management, safety and liability, technological advancements and legislative action.


About ABC:

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national construction industry trade association representing nearly 21,000 members. Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC and its 70 chapters help members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which ABC and its members work. ABC’s membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors. ABC member firms spend $1.1 billion on workforce development and train 476,000 construction industry professionals annually. The ABC Services Corp. is a for-profit subsidiary of ABC that owns Construction Executive and whose board of directors provides oversight of all of the magazine’s operations.


Project Goals:

The Construction Executive website should engage members and other readers, maximize opportunities for advertising revenue, promote ABC membership and gather additional data on audiences that we can use to serve them better. Subscriptions are free to both members and qualified industry stakeholders who are not members of ABC, so an effective CE website must realize its potential as a powerful outreach tool to prospective ABC members, professionals in related industry sectors and the industry’s future workforce.



Existing Website Overview:

The current website is not responsive, which limits its utility to desktops. The blog format limits opportunities to make content visually appealing, constrains the introduction of new content types that can engage users and boost advertising revenue, and does not have the capacity to effectively cross-promote ABC resources. Analytics are sub-optimal and design changes are cumbersome.


Project Team:

Sandy Lynch, vice president, Public Affairs and Member Services, oversees the entire CE team in addition to communications, marketing, graphic design, business development, meetings, and major member awards and accreditation programs. She serves on the executive management team and reports to ABC CEO Mike Bellaman, the publisher of CE, who implements the association’s strategic goals.


Donna Reichle, senior director, Public Affairs, is the team lead for the website development project and responsible for defining CE’s digital strategy. During the past year, she has directed research projects to inform this strategy and led the effort to select a native mobile app developer in November.


Lauren Pinch, managing director, Construction Executive, is the full-time staff lead for all magazine operations, from developing the editorial calendar and writing and editing to financial management and circulation development. She is the primary contact for Magazine Xperts, our outside advertising sales team, and The YGS Group, our graphic design and production team.


Joanna Masterson, senior editor, Construction Executive, is the part-time lead on the website and social media, who also carries significant writing and editing responsibilities. As the former managing editor of CE, she plays a critical role in developing the editorial calendar.


ABC is in the process of hiring a full-time digital editor with writing, editing, marketing and technical expertise to manage the day-to-day operations of the website, app, social media and other CE technical needs.


MagazineXperts is CE’s longtime partner in developing and maximizing opportunities for revenue and reader services. With extensive experience in the publishing industry and construction sector and a committed, tech-savvy staff, MagazineXperts is uniquely positioned to collaborate with CE to design a website that will engage current and new audiences with cutting-edge content and advertising opportunities. MagazineXperts is currently responsible for the design and distribution of CE’s three eNewsletters, each of which is published twice a month.



CE users are ABC members, non-member industry executives, national and chapter staff, and advertisers who provide products and services to the commercial and industrial construction industry.


Project Description: 

Create a new subscription periodical website for This new website will be a central location for all users to consume all content for Construction Executive magazine, articles, webinars and other information. 

Technology Specifications: 

  1. Responsive design
  2. WordPress platform
  3. Mobile-device optimized for phones, tablets, PC and laptops (iOS, Android and Microsoft)
  4. Support versions of Firefox, Safari, IE and Chrome browsers released since 2014


Project Scope: 

  1. Create, design and develop a fixed template for the new CE website to publish new content. 
  2. New website sections, structure and functionality.
  3. A backend user interface that will allow administrators to update all content within the sections and components of the new website and determine level of access and permissions for different users and admins.
  4. A quality search functionality that enables end users to search by keywords, plus advanced search and ability to customize results.
  5. Navigation for the menu bar topics (super-menus).
  6. A standardized, attractive way to treat sidebars and info boxes.
  7. Ability to post photos in variety of sizes.
  8. A standardized, noticeable way to link to related stories and stories in a series.
  9. An effective way to caption photos in stories and in slideshows.
  10.  A template to add pull quotes.
  11.  Ability to add and feature videos (embedded links).
  12.  Ability to add a form or a poll to an article or post.
  13. Ability to select articles to be featured on the home page
  14.  Ability to include a headline and subtitle in each article to improve SEO.
  15.  Ability to easily create friendly URLs (redirects) to direct users to specific webpages (
  16.  Migration of existing content: all archived articles, PDFs and SEO tags. Do not break back links so we don’t lose SEO we’ve built.
  17.  Required permissions: ABC staff, site admins, editors (to publish stories), section editors (newsletter writers and editors), advertising placement, authors/contributors, etc.
  18.  Custom taxonomy that allows tagging of content/groups of terms in order to serve ads and related articles or identify content for newsletters.
  19.  Ability to tag/designate featured top stories.
  20.  Space on each page for sponsored content; a custom post type.
  21.  Ability to create visually differentiated temporary posts to promote a reader survey, announcement, etc. 
  22.  Ability to capture reader engagement statistics (Read More…) or Javascript that tracks when people read past a certain point.
  23.  Add a form or poll to a post.
  24.  Commenting (comments must be pre-approved).
  25.  Sidebars that can be linked to specific articles to promote relevant/topical webinars or other content that is not part of the article should be trackable in Google Analytics.
  26.  Ability to log in though social media (single sign-on).
  27.  A few different styles of tables to display data that is searchable rather than presented as an image.
  28.  Ability to post graphs.
  29.  Ability to format a page so that it is split into multiple columns and content items can be shown side by side.
  30.  Ability to share content (bar at the bottom or logos that follow you as you go on mobile).
  31.  Set up Twitter cards and request to be whitelisted.
  32.  Use Open Graph for Facebook and LinkedIn.
  33.  Auto-posting to social media with fields to add 140-character posts, custom bitly/ short links, etc.) with the ability to schedule to repeat posts at specific times.
  34.  Ability to require two people to authorize publishing to prevent accidents.
  35.  Auto-generate links to headers within an article so when you share a link it jumps right to that section.
  36.  Public live preview of article without login so that sponsored content can be reviewed by non-admins.
  37. API allows export of selected articles to newsletter generator.
  38. API allows export of data from forms to Subscription Genius.

Current Construction Executive Sections: 

  1. Cover story
  2. Feature stories
  3. Special sections
  4. Departments
    1. Washington Update
    2. Workforce
    3. Technology
    4. Safety
    5. Risk
    6. Business Development
    7. Finance
    8. Community Outreach
    9. Viewpoints
    10. In Brief
    11. Economic Outlook
    12. Construction Markets
    13. Sustainability
    14. Equipment
    15. Topical categories based on CE Reader Survey Results
  5. Past and future editions in PDF format/digital edition for viewing or download and HTML format (via tagging).
  6. Ability for the end user to search within each CE section by keyword, category, department or edition.


Current Monthly Edition Section Admin Functionality: 

  1. Create user interface to allow admin to edit, add and delete content from each section.
  2. Ability to add, edit and delete sections and section names.
    1. Cover Story Section, Feature Stories Section, Departments sections, etc.


New Industry News Section:

  1. Newsline Stories:
  2. ABC news releases:
  3. Social media icon buttons to link to CE’s/ABC’s social media sites
  4. In Brief
  5. Ability for end user to search within the news section by keywords.
  6. Form for companies/advertisers to upload news releases for publication upon admin approval.


News Section Admin Functionality:

  1. Manually upload content to all sections.
  2. Manually edit social media button links.


New Resource Center Section:

  1. Webinars (hyperlinks to webinars).
  2. White papers/case studies (PDF documents only), a custom post type.
  3. Industry events calendar.
  4. Custom post type for video with different display sizes.
  5. Ability for admin to add/edit/delete Resource Center categories.


    Resource Center Section End User Functionality: 

  1. Registration form with API to Subscription Genius to register users and track activity: articles read, log-in history, etc.
  2. The end user needs to be registered with name and profile information input into a form to be able to download document. If user is already registered, the user should be able to download immediately.
  3. End users can edit their profiles (API to Subscription Genius).
  1. Reporting mechanism to run reports on the number viewed and downloaded.
  2. Industry News Releases – ability to upload industry news releases.
  3. People in the News – ability to upload bio/awards/job announcements.


New Directory Section: 

  1. Directories will contain company names and contact information. The admin will be able to define the information for each directory.
  2. Ability for end users to search each directory: alphabetical order, location, keyword.
  3. Build the following directories: 
  1. CPAs
  2. Schools
  3. Attorneys
  4. Surety Bonding


Directory Section Admin Functionality: 

  1. Upload company names and information manually and in batch format to a specific directory.  
  2. Specify what information is included in each directory.
  3. Add, delete or change directories.


Archive Section: 

  1. A library of all articles—current and backlist.
  2. Migrate backlist of 2,250 articles.


Archive Section End User Functionality:  

  1. View current articles (most viewed, most popular, most current).
  2. View any article within the library.
  3. Search articles by topic, category, keyword, date, issue and author.


Archive Section Admin Functionality:

  1. Authentication for different types of admins with different permissions.
  2. Ability to upload, metatag, edit, add and delete articles in the article library manually or in batch format.
  3. Write API so that articles can be selected and exported for publication in email newsletters.


Other Sections Within the New CE Website:

  1. Contact Us
  2. About Us
  3. Subscribe visual/link
  4. Digital edition visual/link (replica PDF edition)
  5. App visual/link
  6. List of CE awards
  7. Media Kit visual and download button prominently displayed

New End User Workflow: 

  1. Guest user can see all information without registering.
  2. Some logic in new CE website will motivate guests to register.
  1. Pop up message. If end user registers, he/she can be notified when specific new content has been published on the website. These should appear three-quarters of the way down the page so as not to interrupt reading.
  2. Profile setup, set favorites, ability to print content.
  3. End user can log in using a Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.
  4. API to CE Subscription Genius database.


Management of Advertisements: 

  1. New website needs to be integrated with an ad server such as OpenX, Revive, AdZerk or Double Click.
  2. Functionality to connect other third-party ad servers to the new ABC ad server. 
  3. Create two zones within each page of the website that can be managed as campaigns for advertisers by the admin for advertisements.
  4. Kill switch to prevent any ads from appearing on a page.
  5. Ability to override default placement: ads inside content can be disabled or moved in case of visual awkwardness, content from competitors, etc.
  6. Main display ads: a leaderboard banner ad at the top of page and right side ad on each page.
  7. Features
  1. Expanding ad position/collapsible ads
  2. Site takeover (three different ad sizes on one page)
  3. Pop-ups (for house ads)
    1. Side ad
    2. Banner ad
    3. Full-page ad
    4. In-article ad
    5. Sponsored content/sponsored video/sponsored white papers
    6. Directories: top of category/product showcase/pixel tracking


Admin Reports and Analytics:

  1. Most viewed articles or authors.
  2. Time spent reading the article.
  3. Reader engagement.
  4. Number of times article shared.
  5. Most liked articles.
  6. Most commented on articles.
  7. Most clicked ads/ad impressions/click-throughs.
  8. Usage of different menus and menu items.
  9. How much time the browser tab CE is actually in focus (vs. being in the background).
  10. Set certain events, like clicking a call to action button on sponsored content, or subscribing at the end of an article, or clicking a link that takes the user away from the site, to not count against the bounce rate.
  11. Click-through rates for ads served in newsletters and emails.
  12. Exit intent—tracks how long someone spends on a page and catches them with a pop-up when they leave a page to promote the Subscription Center (see
  13. Reader engagement statistics track clicks of the Read More button and scrolls to the end of an article.
  14. Trends for most used search phrases.
  15. Trend analysis of various new items.
  16. Listing of most popular categories.
  17. Analytics of directory listings.
  18. Method for handling personally identifying info with advertisers.
  19. Track every link click as an event.
  20. Track every ad click as an event.
  21. Track video plays/pause/skips as events.
  22. Track whitepaper downloads as events.


End User Functionality for Registered Users Only: 

  1. Set up communication profile.
  2. Edit profile information.
  3. Ability to save articles.
  4. View recently read articles.
  5. Participate in polls/trend topics.
  6. Subscribe to newsletters.
  7. Comment on articles.
  8. Manage preference for magazine, newsletters, eblasts, webinars, email offers (vendors are Delivera/Revive, SendGrid and MailChimp).


Hosting, Maintenance and License Cost Estimations:

  1. T&M rates for development outside of scope
  2. Hosting cost
  3. Third-party license costs
  4. Maintenance solutions


Please include the following in your proposal response:

•           Company description

•           Project process overview

•           Recommended approach of how you will meet our goals

•           Proposed timeline

•           Team bios

•           Three recent relevant project samples

•           Three client references

•           Line-item pricing

•           Terms and conditions

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