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Web Design Trends 2013

What hot trends are we looking forward to for 2013?

  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. Larger Photographs
  3. Custom Fonts
  4. "Flyout" Information
  5. 3D Shadows

Responsive Web Design

Up until a short time ago, companies needed to build two websites if they wanted an effective mobile solution.  However, with new techniques and capabilities of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), it is now feasible to build a single website that is compatible for both desktop browsers and mobile devices.  The new technique is called Responsive Web Design.  When you build a website using Responsive Design techniques, your website becomes elastic, and transforms to be compatible for almost every device on the market.

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Larger Photographs

Honestly, great imagery makes a site design successful. The shift now is towards larger, full-screen photographs that tell a story and capture your user's attention. Our own website utilizes this on the homepage

Custom Fonts

An exciting leap in web design capabilities this year is to be able to add custom fonts to your website. In the past, we were limited to a handful of boring selections like Times New Roman and Arial. With the advancement of HTML5 and CSS3, we can now use almost any font on a website!

"Flyout" Information

You have probably seen it on a website before, a little tab on the left or right side of the screen that when you hover/click on it, it slides out to reveal additional content. These are incredibly useful for giving a more interactive experience to your users. It can be used for a variety of additional content such as:
  • Contact Form
  • Live Chat system
  • Featured gallery
  • Job Opportunities
  • and much more!

3D Shadows

A hot trend this year is to give dimension and texture to your website through the use of 3D design and shading. You can really make your website come alive!


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