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Botta Bing!

When Microsoft announced to the world they had a new search engine, I’m pretty sure most of us had an LOL moment.  It was comical, and maybe a bit sac religious, that anyone would put up their dukes and initiate a fight against the almighty God…I mean Google.  

Microsoft’s pending defeat was imminent, but if anyone had a fighting chance, they did.  Their odds were increased simply because of the amount of money and confidence they had in their corner.  

We all know Google’s reputation as a fierce competitor in organic search engine results, but they also have a hugely successful paid advertising model that seemed likely to be Microsoft’s knockout punch.

Microsoft was doomed, and Bing, their #1 contender, was most likely going down in the first round. 

Ding, ding, ding, ding…The sounds of each round ending were a shock to everyone watching. 

Today, we are well into the middle rounds, and Bing (and Yahoo combined) make up 30% of all search engine traffic.

How can this be?

Well, remember all of that money we talked about Microsoft having earlier?  It came flooding out, and people started getting paid off outside of the ring.  Microsoft came out with a huge marketing campaign.  Using the Pepsi challenge premise, they captured the younger market by pretending that people actually preferred their search results over Google's when the two were compared side by side.  Microsoft already had the older demographics.  Most PCs come off the shelves with only Internet Explorer installed.  Being a Microsoft product, they set the default homepage to Bing, which most old fogies don’t know how to, or really want to, change. 
Microsoft then met with Yahoo, and decided that together they could bring down the Andre the Search Engine Giant.  They signed a ten year deal that leveraged each other’s strengths, and all of a sudden there was life.  

The last power play came when Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s stars, jumped ship and started calling the shots at Yahoo.  If anything, the Mayer pickup was more of a psychological win, but still a win nonetheless. 

Finally, Bing made a friend, a huge friend.  A friend so big, that even Google had to respect his presence.  His name was Facebook.  Bing became Facebook’s search default for their new Graph Search.  This partnership instantly increased Bing’s value and market share.

So, with a few added power plays, both physical and psychological, Bing has given itself a fighting chance. 

So now what?

Well, to DC Web Designers, this means we can educate our clients and help them with new online marketing opportunities with Bing.  With a market share that could reach 40% by the end of 2016, we need to pay attention.  Bing has an advertising model of their own, Bing Ads, which has a lower competitive market and more affordable advertising options.  We believe this is a great opportunity for our clients, and with a little research, we can identify some new avenues to pursue in order to increase our client visibility and availability.

To learn more about new advertising opportunities with Bing, give us a call at 410-740-9181.


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